OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT and use it responsibly.

This is the first step in establishing a financial history.


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DEPARTMENT STORE AND GASOLINE CREDIT CARDS.  Since gasoline credit cards are not revolving (cannot carry a balance forward month-to-month), often they are easier to obtain than regular credit cards.  Similarly, some department stores offer revolving credit for a specific purchase and this is sometimes easier to obtain.  It is also a great way to establish credit.

SECURE CREDIT CARD.   Apply for a credit card.  Shop around and only apply for a card if you can meet the lender's requirements.  Responsible use will help you build a good credit history.

GET A CO-SIGNER.  A good way to establish credit is to piggy-back on to someone who already has a good credit history established and is willing to co-sign, but be aware that any default of credit on your part affects the credit of the co-signer.

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Have extra Cash?  Should you invest it or use it to pay down your mortgage?    When you prepay part of your mortgage, you end up paying less in interest.  But as a result, you also lose part of your mortgage-interest tax break.

Your true savings, then can be expressed as the difference between your mortgage interest rate and the rate at which you take your deduction (a function of your total marginal tax rate).   If that net percentage figure is less than the amount you could make investing the cash, you're better off investing it.

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